Racing Info

Raced Hard in Martin Michigan.....

2012 Arctic Cat 800

with Billy Howard in white helmet ...on board setting new 800cc twin pump gas record

126.48 MPH and 9.93 ET

Later we got the sled into the 9.89's but ran out of time to make anymore runs.

Howard's still have ET record with Ski-Doo Etec at 9.870 but only 125 MPH last season at Martin.



Boyd McGarry and Jamie Hitchcock: winners of the 10.20 class .  Read about it in article, linked below.  They came out of our pit and Team Howard Racing Circle. Jamie tested and tuned and trailered along with us......  We had a great weekend but got rained out on Sunday. 

Team Howards World Record

2010 1/2    MXZ 800 E-TEC


1.25 ET in 60 ft                            125+ miles per hours

9.81 ET in 1/4 Mile